Concert Social Seating

ANNOUNCING! Starting June 12, 2017 we will begin social seating for our Monday Night Concert Series.

What does this mean?

Social seating means that every seat at a table is on sale. If three people purchase three seats at a table for four, that means that the fourth seat will still be on sale and available for another audience member. This will help the producers and musicians of these concerts financially be able to keep doing these awesome shows!

If you do not want to share a table with a person you don’t know, what should you do?

No problem! We will always offer two-top tables for our Monday night concerts, so book early for you and your date and you will not have to share your table! Or invite two more friends to join you and complete a table for four!

Will this affect the main stage melodrama productions? 

No. Our Tuesday-Sunday shows will remain the same. We will only do social seating for our Monday Night concerts.

Do I have to share my popcorn with a stranger?

We will always do our best to make sure all audience members are comfortable. That means if two separate parties are at the same table, two popcorn bowls will be provided for that table.

Thank you in advance for your understanding in this change.  This could be a fun opportunity to make new friends! And as always, we will continue bringing you the best family-friendly entertainment in Tucson!

~Tony Terry, President

The Gaslight Theatre